October 2016

In partnership with the local GAA club, children from 4th Class took part in a Football Blitz in Athlone Pitch.

Children from 1st and 2nd Class took part in a hockey Blitz organised by Athlone Hockey Club.

November 2016

For 8 weeks, children from Senior Infants – 1st Class went to AIT to take part in Games activities.

Children in 5th and 6th Class took part in the ‘Cycle Safe’ Programme. Children learned about cycling safely and how to take care of their bicycles.

December 2016

Children from 4th Class took part in a Rubgy Blitz on the Buccaneers Grounds.

February 2017

Children from 4th, 5th and 6th visited AIT, where they took part in a number of Athletics activities.

In conjunction with Westmeath Sports Partnership, the annual school run took place on February 5th, with over 60 people completing the 7Km course. Staff and children from the school took part.

Children from 6th class took part in a Basketball Blitz, organised by Athlone Basketball Club.

March 2017

Children from 4th Class competed in athletic games against other schools in the AIT.

10 children from 4th Class, were selected to represent Westmeath in Athletics in AIT.

May 2017

4th and 5th Class children carried out a survey on clubs which children attending our school are members of. The results can be seen below.

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