Active School

Active School Slogan

This school year, we are working towards achieving the ‘Active School Flag’. We have always been an active school, but as well as recognising the physical activities in which children are already involved, we are aiming to further increase the physical activity for all children in our school.

As well as providing at least one hour PE lesson per week and maintaining our partnerships with local clubs, we will be introducing a number of initiatives during the school year. These include:

  •  ‘Map Our Route’ running initiative
  • ‘Talk as you Walk’  during lunchtime
  • ‘Football Free Friday’ during lunchtime

We will also be working to promote healthy eating, as well as walking to school in conjunction with achieving our ‘Travel Flag’.

Further information can be found on our ‘Active Flag Noticeboard’ in the school.  Sporting achievements of pupils, information on the above initiatives as well as advertisements for local sporting events can be found on the noticeboard. Any suggestions for how else we could increase our physical activity are welcome.

Our Active School Committee

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