Defib caseA defibrillator box has been installed outside our school. This box contains a defibrillator in case of emergency. It can be accessed 24 hours a day. The box has a security keypad on the door. To access the defibrillator inside you need to ring the 999 or 112 emergency number and quote the box code which is written on the outside of the box. The operator will then give you the security code to open the box. The box contains a light and a temperature stat to ensure that the battery on the defibrillator is not adversely affected by extremes in weather.

Group pic with DefibThe defibrillator box was paid for by Baylin Community Development Association and installed by DMG Electrical free of charge. David McGovern of DMG Electrical has also offered to install any other boxes like this for free in the local area.

Pat & GeraldineThe defibrillator has been in Baylin NS for the past 9 years but was not accessible outside of school hours or at weekends. This new outdoor box ensures that this vital piece of equipment is available to the whole community. The defibrillator was generously donated to the school by the Tony Parker Memorial Fund. They have donated over 100 defibrillators to local schools clubs over the past 9 years. To fund this they run table quizzes and a sponsored cycle every September.

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