‘From Fields to Famine’ Exhibition

On March 13th, 4th and 5th class presented an interactive exhibition, ‘From Fields to Famine’ in the Aidan Heavey Library.  Following from this, clips from the exhibition were shown on RTE News2day.

In October, Mrs.Forde was selected to take part in the Teacher-Artist partnership programme, where she was partnered with musician Robbie Perry. Together, they planned and facilitated the process and learning which led to the creation of the exhibition.

Over a few weeks, children researched about the famine in Ireland in the 1840s. They explored the famine through literature, music and drama. They created poetry, music and art in response to what they learned.

The exhibition took you on a journey from times before the famine in Ireland, to life for those who chose to emigrate. It also explored how difficulties faced by those in famine times, are sadly still felt by many around the world as well as in Ireland today.

The artwork was mixed media, using collage and oil pastels. It also featured photos of those who created each art piece. These photos show the children depicting the characters of each scene. A graphite based paint around the edge of the frame, allowed you to interact with the story of each piece of art. Poetry and music created by the children connects to the story being told in the artwork.

Artworks included ‘Before the Famine’, ‘Discovery of Potato Blight’ , ‘Eviction’, ‘The Workhouse’, ‘Emigration’, ‘The Coffin Ship’, ‘Arrival in America’, and ‘Famine Today’.

Many members of our school community came together to support the children in creating this exhibition, and we are very thankful to them. The artwork is now on display in the school. Watch the below video, where you will see the process involved in creating our exhibition, clips from the exhibition,  as well as television coverage on it.

Click link below to see TV coverage on RTE’s News2day. Play from 5:15:





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